I’m located in Prague 2 Vinohrady.


mobile: +420 774 97 66 77 

A website about Pet Sitting. The word FETCH stands for Food, Exercise, Touch, Cuddle and Health. My name is Iveta Hankova, an animal lover with many years of experience. All my life I’ve been surrounded by animals such as dogs (Poodles, Chinese Crested Dogs), cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, tortoises, parrots, fish, ferrets and hedgehogs.

I studied at the Faculty of Humanities at Charles University where I was a part of a seminar called Problems of Interspecies Communication. At this seminar we took care of seven Grey Parrots and explored their ability to recognize different objects. My bachelor’s dissertation was about Canine therapy. I was a volunteer with dogs in Motol Hospital at the Child Psychiatric Clinic, Child Neurology Clinic and Long-Term Care Hospital.

Nowdays I'm focusing on animal rights.




I offer a V.I.P. service for your dog. Because I want to focus on individual needs of each dog client, I watch one at a time. I believe your dog deserves to enjoy her/his vacation as well so I try to make the time we spend together as pleasant as possible.


at my home

24hours – 1 700 Kc

9hours – 1 300 Kc

12hours (over night) – 1 100 Kc


at your home

24hours – 2 200 Kc

9hours – 1 800 Kc

12hours (over night) 1 600 Kc


The price may change according to your requirements, distance from my place to your place, your dog’s health etc.




Because cats are very territorial animals I offer Cat Sitting only at your place. This way your cat won’t be stressed by an unfamiliar surroundings and other animals. I can visit your cat once or twice a day. One visit includes feeding, playing and cleaning. I can also water your plants and collect your mail box.


The price is between 600 - 1 000 Kc depending on the location.




Any other small animals (hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, chinchillas, mice, rats, ferrets, parrots, snakes, lizards, turtles, tortoises, chameleons, hedgehogs etc.) belong to this section. I can visit your pet at your place or she/he can stay with me. One visit includes feeding, playing and cleanng. I can also water your plants and collect your mail box.


The price is between 500 - 900 Kc depending on the location.




Plants also need regular love and care. But most of all they need to be watered.

I can also collect your mail box.


The price is betweeen 400 - 890Kc/visit  depending on the location.


visiting your dog at your home

30min – 450 Kc

60min – 650 Kc


walking your dog

30min - 550 Kc

60min - 750 Kc


I met Iveta a while ago when I approached her to take care of our 5,5 year old dog Many on the occasions my boyfriend and I go out. Many is a special dog- very timid, peaceful and distant from people and it takes her a long time to get to know someone and get closer to her. The first night Many stayed with Iveta they got along great. We needed to have Many taken care of a week or so afterwards as well, so I took her to Iveta`s place again. A thing that surprised me the most is the fact that Many knew perfectly well where Iveta lived, she ran towards the door, Iveta opened it and Many just ran inside her flat to search immediately for a toy to play with. I turned to go home and wanted to say bye to Many, but she was already nowhere to be seen, ready to play with Iveta.


Recently, a month ago to be precise, Many gave birth to 7 gorgeous puppies. Iveta came to take care of them couple of times already and from the first moment Many greeted her and led her to show her the pups. I was perplexed, as she was extremely cautious and protective over her puppies with the other people. But, with Iveta, Many simply intuitively knew Iveta is her friend, so she was proud to show her her gorgeous baby dogs.


There is only the very best I can say of Iveta. She is very warm and caring and dogs sense immediately she is someone they can trust. Both me and my boyfriend are truly happy we have met her, and we`re sure Many is even more happy. :)


Ivana Preiss



I needed someone to take care of my chihuahua dog Joey while I was on holiday for a week. I decided to contact Iveta.

Joey isn’t a very social dog. He doesn’t like to go out so he is not used to other people or dogs. So I was very surprised that Joey immediately fell in love with Iveta. They were supposed to spend a whole week in my flat but there was an unexpected incident. In the street where I live there was a huge gas explosion. Everybody had to leave the building. In a crisis situation Iveta stayed calm, took Joey and they ran away. They had to spend the whole week at her place. I’m still very thankful to Iveta for taking care of my Joey under such exceptional circumstances.

When I got my Joey back I was a bit jealous because it was evident that Joey was missing Iveta. He was sad for a few days and didn’t eat much. Next time I have to go somewhere without Joey I know who I’m going to contact. Without any doubt it’s going to be Iveta.


Lucy Miles